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Live a unique experience with a yacht in the beautiful waters of Merambelo Gulf!

Is there a better way to explore the hidden coves and the remote and heavenly beaches of Crete than in a private yacht? An excursion in the blue waters of the island on a luxurious yacht is an one of a kind experience, for sure.



Starting from the very well known island of Crete, we offer a unique cruising and hospitality service that makes the adventure of exploration outstanding.

From the pristine turquoise seashores and the secluded but welcoming coves to the bright red sunsets, you can enjoy your privacy while you explore new places and experiences and also feel moments full of emotions. We invite you in Crete Yacht Cruises in the absolute yachting and hospitality experience while you discover things to remember for ever.

Dreams come true, especially in Crete.

Enjoy the sea and the sun to the full in a beautiful sunny day.

ABOUT /Captain Mike

The sea, its blue colour combined with the blue of the sky feels like home to me, feels like my whole childhood memories.

When I was fifteen years old i started working in a Water Ski Club and a Diving Club and since then i knew that water is my natural environment.

TESTIMONIALS /Sharing experiences in Crete Yacht Cruises

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